Manifesto for the XX anniversary of ICMLPO


A Note: We would like to thank comrade Claudio Buttinelli  from Partito Comunista Italiano Marxista-Leninista, for sharing this extremely valuable document with us. 

Other Aspect

The world in the XXI century continues to be a separated world! The contradiction between the job and the capital subsists and embitters in all the sectors; in this contradiction there is the antagonism among the social character of production, from a side, and the private capitalistic form of the appropriation, that assembles more and more in a handful of usurpers, from the other.

Productive and scientific strengths, unimaginable up to 50 years ago, have appeared. The production is mechanized in extraordinary way, the technology of the communication and the computer science are largely diffused in their social and individual employments.

But every thing has in itself his opposite: the desperation provoked by capitalism has reached serious levels, the signs of the decay that parallelly develops have accumulated to such a point to overcome those of the last phase of the Roman empire.

During the world crisis of the capitalism, broken out in 2008, that numerous countries are still suffering, the ample exploited masses, on which the burden of the crisis has been thrown, have been able to ascertain that the capitalism is a social organization characterized by the “poverty in the wealth”.  To make to pay the crisis to the popular layers has meant the aggravation of all the inauspicious consequences of the capitalism: not only the mechanization of the productive process has not reduced the time of job, but the unemployment is extended, the precariousness of the strength-work is increased,  the exploitation is intensified; at the same time we have seen the decrease of the real salaries, the diffusion of the poverty, the hunger, the injustice and the inequalities, the indigence, the drug, the prostitution.

Becomes much more difficult to accept and bear, but also only to ignore this division of the world, the discontent and the increasing exasperation that push the masses exploited of a certain number of countries to rise. Here is Greece and Portugal, here is Tunisia and Egypt, Turkey and Brazil…

But the antagonism between job and capital is not the alone reason for the fracture of the world. We daily see that there is a deep division among a minority of great and rich imperialists and capitalistic countries, and the people of the backward and underdeveloped countries, oppressed and politically, economically, financially exploited, that represent the majority. The great imperialist States that have formed international organizations as the European Union and the Treaty for the Free Exchange, the Nato and the U.N., introduce themselves as “the international community”, ransack the natural wealth of the oppressed people and don’t bear the possibility that these persons can to self-determine. Here is Africa that they have dried up, here is the Amazonian forest that they want to destroy, here are the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, here is Libya and Syria…

Another aspect of contradictions and clash is that among the imperialist countries and the international monopolies, that is mainly expressed in the constitution and reconstitution of economic and military blocks, in the installation of military bases in the five continents. “The uni-pole world”, in which the United States held  the “leadership”,  is by now to the end of the line. In the discussion to know who will dominate in the regions to be ransacked, the great imperialist countries have started to confront each other hardly.
In the run for the power against their competitors they incite the national oppositions to get the support of the oppressed people. These internal conflicts that became exasperate up to become military conflicts, as we have seen in Syria and then in Ukraine, show that the contradictions among the imperialists continue to get worse.

Up to a few decades ago, the capitalists and their adulators proclaimed “the end of the history”, “the eternity of the capitalism”, “the new world order”, then solemnly declared, predicted a prosperous, pacific society and without crisis, built on a “capitalism that self-regenerates”, on a “capitalistic world” that would be realized “overcoming the classes and the contrast between them”. We now see that not the prosperity, but the poverty has gotten worse. To the place of the peace, there are the wars and the coup d’Etat, there is the loss of credibility of the lying dictatorships that we have seen to the work in the last decades.

No, the capitalism can’t assure to the workers that survive with their work in the factories, in the enterprises, in the fields and in the offices, to the unemployed, to the poor men of the cities and the countries, neither a decent job, neither a dignified salary, neither bearable conditions of job, neither the peace, neither the prosperity, and neither also the safety of a future. Contrarily, to get all of this we must encourage all the workers to rebel and to upset the power of the capital.

From the times of the struggle of the slaves against their masters, in all the societies separated in classes, theater of the struggles among these classes, the struggle for the power has always brought to its conquest from a class of oppressors to the detriment of another. Only the capitalism has developed the productive strengths to the point that these cannot be more contained in the wrap of the relationships of ownership. Besides, the capitalism has developed more and more incessantly the working class with the socialization push. Consequently it has created the social conditions in which the power of an exploited class is able by now to replace the power of an exploiter class. This historical-social evolution has delivered a historical mission to the working class, that to take the power to build through a period of transition the socialism, dispossessing those who dispossess, abolishing the relationships of exploitation among the classes and with this the same classes.

Against the capitalistic tyranny, the working class has shown for the first time in the XIX century, in the uprisings that have crossed the whole European continent, and has taken the power for a few period in 1871 to Paris. It has upset then the power of the class of the capitalists in Russia with the October Revolution of 1917,  organized itself as dominant class building the Soviet Union,  has made huge strides during almost half century on the path of the abolition of the exploitation of the man on man.

We, Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations of the four angles of the world, gathered in an International Conference (ICMLPO), call, on the occasion of the XX anniversary (*) of our unity, the working class of the world and the oppressed people, the youth, to join against the international middle class and the imperialism and to strengthen again the struggle of liberation.

Proletarian of all the countries, workers!

Note: Other Aspect would like to thank comrade Claudio Buttinelli of Partito Comunista Italiano Marxista-Leninista, for sharing this extremely valuable document with us.

The world separated between exploiters and exploited masses, between imperialists and oppressed people goes toward a new period of upsettings and revolutions.

The capitalism, that doesn’t have anything to offer to the exploited masses, has matured to such a degree, more than every other moment of the history, the premises of the socialism. And when we talk of maturity we must consider both in quantitative terms, and in qualitative terms the working class and the workers that consolidate their positions and  strengthen their organizations in numerous countries, drawing lessons from their same experiences of struggle to union and political level, above all from the great struggles of mass developed in these countries.

Even if their revolutions have been manipulated in countries as Tunisia and Egypt, the future belongs to the working class and to the workers of the world that accumulate a rich experience  for going far much more distant.

The successes and the experiences acquired in the great revolutionary waves of the national and social struggles of all the countries of the world, show that we can advance again toward the victory and this time with more strength and in more complete way. Our struggles of national and social liberation will assume particular forms and will follow own path, according to the countries; as for their contents will take an internationalist character, being component of the unique process of the world proletarian revolution.

From here the responsibility to consolidate and to strengthen our unity and organization to national and international level.

Socialism will win!

Long live the internationalism !

Proletarian of all the countries and oppressed people, unite !

International Conference of  Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO)

 (*) The first Conference  was held to Quito (Ecuador) in 1994

Author: Other Aspect

A Marxist-Leninist journal, based in India and aimed at analysing the contemporary world events from a Marxist-Leninist perspective.

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