Kashmir Question and Marxism Leninism: An Analysis for Debate

Kashmir Question and Marxism Leninism: (An analysis for debate)”

This booklet deals about the Kashmir question and analyses it from a Marxist Leninist perspective.

We would be soon printing this booklet.

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Khrushchev and Soviet History

By Moni Guha

Αnti-revisionist caricature of 1976 by Albanian cartoonist Zef Bumçi depicting Nikita Khrushchev as a servant of the bourgeoisie

Reviewing Victor Hugo’s biography of Napoleon, Karl Marx wrote in the preface to his book, ‘The Eighteenth Brumaire’- ‘The event itself appears in his work like a bolt from the blue. He sees in it only the violent act of a single individual. He does not notice that he makes this individual great instead of little by ascribing to him a personal power of initiative such as would be without parallel in world history.’ Continue reading “Khrushchev and Soviet History”

The Fascist Coup in Indonesia and the Lessons Communists Draw from It

(Reproduced from the «Zeri i Popullit» daily dated May 11, 1966),  The «Naim Frasheri» Publishing House, Tirana, 1966)


1. How should «democratic freedoms» in a bourgeois state be assessed and utilized?

2. Communists and alliances with progressive forces

3. Strengthen the international unity of Marxist-Leninists

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New issue of Marxist – Leninist journal SCIENTIFIC SOCIALISM No. 2


The new issue of Marxist – Leninist journal SCIENTIFIC SOCIALISM is out.

The contents are:

1. On killing of Gauri Lankesh

2. Socialism in one country: Revisiting the old debate

3 The crisis of Indian Economy 

4. Is North Korea Really A Threat To United States?

5. Russian Revolution and Debt

Contribution per copy Rs 20 (print copy)

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Georgi Dimitrov to Stalin on the Question of “Social-Fascism”

Dimitrov to Stalin, 1 July 1934. Original in Russian. Type-written, with handwritten comments by Stalin.

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“No Lessons from the Assembly elections”: A Note on CPI(ML)Liberation’s Lessons of the Assembly elections

CPI (ML) Liberation, on 14th March, came up with a note titled “Lessons of the Assembly elections”. The note, which is supposed to be a post-poll analysis of the recently concluded assembly elections should have been ideally titled “No Lessons from the Assembly elections”. Continue reading ““No Lessons from the Assembly elections”: A Note on CPI(ML)Liberation’s Lessons of the Assembly elections”


Comrades, Honda worker’s struggle has entered the 16th day. What is the situation of the struggle, the future strategy, what is the state of the struggling workers, what does the other workers think about this resistance and how much support it is garnering? What are the analysis of the situation? who are the ones taking decision, what measures are being taken to spread this movement to different parts of the country so that it receives support from entire nook and corner of the country. These are some of the questions being asked today, unfortunately there has been no initiative from the leadership to clarify these queries about the situation, leading to several other doubts being raised. Continue reading “LONG LIVE THE STRUGGLE OF HONDA WORKERS”

In the times of fascism: The onslaught of capital and the challenges before working class

Paper distributed by Indian Federation of Trade Unions (Sarwahara) at the All-India Workers Convention organised by Mazdoor Adhikar Sangharsh Abhiyan, to together build up national campaigns on Contract labour, Minimum Wages and Changes in Labour Laws, held in Ambedkar Bhawan, Delhi on 28th August 2016. Continue reading “In the times of fascism: The onslaught of capital and the challenges before working class”

Modi and Balochistan

So it was not very surprising to hear Modi talking about Baluchistan and Azad Kashmir in his Independent speech. While Modi in a way deviated from the earlier Prime Ministers who only cautioned Pakistan but never detailed what was to be done. Modi by referring to Baluchistan took an entirely new turn. But what was the substance? As always he made himself centre of the debate, not policy not human rights violation. Has any statesman ever said:

Narendra Modi has a unique penchant to turn every act of governance into propaganda. He has still to come out of his election phase and metamorphose into serious governance, one that is not only based on phrases and self-delusion but one that actually delivers those promises. Continue reading “Modi and Balochistan”

Denigrating in name of sympathy: An Observation on view from Muslim intelligentsia

On website named Rising Kashmir, in section Islam, society and women an article titled– Exploitation of women in the name of emancipation; by Abdul Hamid Mir was published. The article can be accessed at http://www.risingkashmir.com/news/exploitation-of-women-in-the-name-of-emancipation/

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The Trotskyites, true to their campaign of distorting history, have been portraying the theory and practice of Gramsci, as something that was in opposition to what they term as “Stalinism”. To counter their vilification drive and the lies we are posting an article from Communist Platform, which was published in the journal Unity & Struggle, the organ of ICMLPO.

In this article it is clear that Gramsci was never against the Soviet Union nor comrade Stalin.

 Other Aspect

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