The Crisis of Power?

Some recent events have once again sharply exposed the faultlines of India’s political economy. What the opposition forces today rhetorically and inconsistently call a communal, right-wing, fascist assault on the fundamentals of the Indian Constitution is in reality a manifestation of the growing constitutional crisis of state power in the context of India’s political economy and class-struggle.

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फासीवादी विचारधारा और मार्क्सवाद

फासीवाद या पूरी पूंजीवादी व्यवस्था से अगर कोई विचारधारा लोहा ले सकता है तो वह है मार्क्सवाद। हाँ यह ज़रूर है कि पिछले सदी में इसपर हुए हमले और कुत्साप्रचार से यह घायल हुई है।

फ़्रांसिसी विचारक और दार्शनिक एलेन बदीओ (Alain Badiou ने इसे खूबसूरती के साथ रखा है)

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The Development of Fascism


The events of Grosseto, Viterbo and Treviso are the initial phase of a new and definitive development of fascism. Punitive expeditions by small bands are giving way to actions by veritable army units, armed with machine-guns. In some areas fascist cavalry is making its appearance. In Siena, thousands upon thousands of fascists assembled, on the pretext of a provincial congress, to parade in military order with their own cavalry. Continue reading “The Development of Fascism”

संयुक्त मोर्चा : ज्यॉर्जी दिमित्रोव

यह पुस्तक ज्यॉर्जी दिमित्रोव द्वारा संयुक्त मोर्चा की कार्यनीति पर उनके तीन लेखों का संग्रह है, इन तीन लेखों मे कामरेड दिमित्रोव ने कार्यनीति पर महत्वपूर्ण विचार रखे जिनकी प्रासंगिकता आज के दौर में और भी ज्यादा हो गयी है

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Fascist Onslaught in India


hindu fasc

The ascendancy of the BJP to power marked the beginning of fascist onslaught in India. Enforcing a militant nationalism, atrocious violations of labour laws, brutal repression of dissidents, creating mass hysteria by using various means of media, armed squads to terrorise minorities and dalits, these are the characteristics of the fascist terror that India has to face today. What is attempted in the following article is to expose the fascistic character of the ruling party, the BJP and its parent organisation, the RSS. Continue reading “Fascist Onslaught in India”

Georgi Dimitrov to Stalin on the Question of “Social-Fascism”

Dimitrov to Stalin, 1 July 1934. Original in Russian. Type-written, with handwritten comments by Stalin.

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