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Is Crony Capitalism Different from Capitalism?

November 15, 2018



Capital’s Share of Income is Way Higher than You Think

June 9, 2018


Almost half of households’ market income is received for just being wealthy: owning stuff. by Steve Roth (May 18 2018) The shares of income going to “capital” and “labor” are vexed issues. How much is received for doing work, and how much is unearned “property income” – interest, dividends, et cetera? For a long […]

Once Again Tokenism :: A Note by IFTU (Sarwahara) on One Day All India General Strike Called on 2nd September

August 31, 2015


Against the massive assault on the interest of working class, one day nationwide general strike called on 2nd September by Central Trade Unions (CITU, INTUC, HMS BMS and others) A Note by IFTU (Sarwahara) “Once Again Tokenism” On 2nd September 2015, CITU, AITUC, AICCTU, IFTU (New Democracy), HMS and BMS and few others have once […]

A Note on the Debt Crisis and Neo-Liberalism

August 9, 2015


Pratyush From Greece to Ireland and from USA to Japan a spectre is haunting international capitalism, the spectre of public debt. If the year 2008 would go into history as the year when banks started to default; 2010 would be remembered as the year when countries started defaulting on their loans. The recent financial crisis […]

सिरिज़ा सरकार का सामाजिक सुरक्षा पर हमला शुरू

August 1, 2015


Hindi Translation of Greek Trade Union Front PAME (All Workers Militant Front) statement -- Information On The Attack of the SYRIZA Government Against Social Security--

Lenin on Keynes

March 12, 2014


Lenin on Keynes This excerpt has been taken from Lenin’s report to the The Second Congress of the Communist International, highlights his thinking on world debt and his thoughts on Keynes. The piece is still relevant amidst the backdrop of the economic crisis and the subsequent debt crisis that started in 2008 shows no signs […]

Enver Hoxha :: The Marxist-Leninist Movement and the World Crisis of Capitalism

November 14, 2013


  The international situation is becoming ever more complicated. In saying this I have in mind that the situation is not tranquil either for capitalism or for the revolutionaries. Capitalism is in a great fever, in crisis. In my opinion, we Marxist-Leninists, the working class, the revolutionaries and ordinary progressive people in the world must […]