** The Communist** Number 1

The Communist

The Communist

Dear Comrades and friends,

  The latest issue of the Indian Marxist-Leninist journal,** The Communist**  dated April 2014 is out.

  The contents are:

 1. Arise Ye Mighty People

 2. African food insecurity due to Imperialism

 3. Elections or Revolution

 4. Trotskyism is not Leninism

5. Lenin: Poem by Sukanta Bhattacherya

  The price is Rs. 20 for single issue.

We can send PDF to those who wish to receive the journal in soft copy.

For receiving the soft copy, please send mail to: marxistfront@gmail.com

 We will be uploading the journal in PDF form on a site/blog soon, the best option is being still explored 🙂

Editorial Board

Adil, Manobhanjan, Damodar

download PDF version

Author: Other Aspect

A Marxist-Leninist journal, based in India and aimed at analysing the contemporary world events from a Marxist-Leninist perspective.

6 thoughts on “** The Communist** Number 1”

  1. Dear editors,
    I’ve just sent you a request by email for a pdf copy of issue #1.

    It looks to be excellent. (Defense of JVS and Enver; exposure of Trotskyism; etc.)

    I can’t wait to review the actual articles.

    btw, At your site, I see the titles and first paragraph of a number of articles that I am very interested in reading. Do you have pdf versions for previous articles? If so, how would one go about getting copies.




    1. Comrade,
      You can click on the articles heading to read them.

      Let us know if you still have any question, will be happy to help.



      1. Crdes,
        Thanx for the quick & informative response.
        Hopefully any future questions from me will be a little more “brilliant” than this last one “showing off” my (lack of) skills and initiative (hehe)!

        Well, then, maybe not. I DID assume that I could read complete articles by clicking on their headers; what I was really asking (again without much skill) was if / how I could access a download-able copy of those articles. (Or does clicking on the header take me to both the article and to a download link?)

        I might have figured this “all” out “all by myself”. (hehe)


      2. Dear Comrade,

        Thanks for the response, unfortunatley at the moment there is no way to dynamically generate the PDF. But if you give me the list of articles whose PDF you want, I can search my hard-disk and convert some of them.

        Other Aspect


  2. Com. Damodar, you can generate your english magazine in pdf format quite easily. Download dopdf software free of cost from Internet. It will be of great help.


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