Political Economy Text Book

This textbook on Political Economy, prepared by the Economics Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R., was first published in the U.S.S.R. in 1954. Regarding political economy as the science of the laws of development of the relations of production in human society, it deals not only with the capitalist economic system but also with pre- capitalist economic relations and, in considerable detail, with the economics of socialism. In their Foreword the authors stress that their aim is not dogmatic but scientific, and that they would welcome discussion and critical comments by all readers.

 front cover

Click here to download the PDF file

Other Aspect has printed a limited copies, (in two volumes). Those who want to purchase the printed copy may contact us at email: marxistfront@yahoo.co.in

Please note: We do not make any profit from the sales of the books. Surplus amount is invested in purchasing books that we distribute to other comrades in our study circle for free or are spent in preparation of other materials.

Details of the book

Size: A4

Binding: Soft bound with coloured cover

Price: Rs. 300 per volume (courier charges extra)

USD: 20 per volume

One thought on “Political Economy Text Book”

  1. Starting almost 50 years ago, when I wished to (re-)study Marxist Political Economy, I’d go to 4 books:
    1) Political Economy – Leontiev,
    2) Political Economy – Eaton
    3) Political Economy – CPGB (title may not be exact); and
    4) Economic Problems of the SU – JVS.

    For years, I worked alongside a comrade who’s specialty was Political Economy. He ended up critique all first three of these books (mostly writing comments within the books). He felt they were quite UN-satisfactory. He loved JVS’s book. Unfortunately, he never worked up his own version. Meanwhile, my grasp of Political Economy was not nearly as good as his. His critiques seemed to me to be quite good.

    I am aware that JVS did NOT consider Leontiev’s book nearly good enough; and had tried to organize the writing of a much-improved one. Then, over the years, he made repeated criticisms of drafts that were being worked on. WW2 and the urgent post-war Re-construction further postponed the final book. Meanwhile, “Economic Problems …” though excellent, is NOT, per se, his attempt at producing such a Textbook.

    So my question is: Given that this book was produced after his death, and soon enough the revisionists had taken over the Party CC and then the entire Party; what exactly does this book represent? Was it the result of the efforts led by JVS; i.e., would he have (generally) approved of it? Or does the book have major weaknesses (as a result of the combination of the earlier-drafts not being good enough PLUS any new revisionist influences)?

    Do you-all have a critique of it?


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