Béla Kun and Hungarian Soviet Republic (1919)

It is our endeavor to upload documents/books/articles dealing with Bela Kun and the Hungarian Soviet Republic (1919).

Comrades are requested to help us in gathering material (no revisionist and Trotskyite work) which  can be uploaded.

Those interested may contact us at marxistfront@yahoo.co.in.


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  1. Revolutionary Essays by Bela Kun
  2. The Hungarian “Soviet Republic” of 1919

Revolutionary Essays


Bela Kun

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The Hungarian “Soviet Republic” of 1919*

COMPASS (Theoretical Journal Of The Communist League)
Originally Published JUNE 1978:

For 133 days, from March 21st. to August 1st., 1919, a “Soviet Republic” existed in Hungary.

 This “Soviet Republic” was defined as a state in which “the working class held political power”,, as “the dictatorship of the proletariat”:

“In establishing the Soviet Republic the proletariat has taken into its hands … full power for the purpose of doing away with the capitalistic order and the rule of the bourgeoisie and putting in its place the socialistic system of production and society.  The dictatorship of the proletariat is … a means to the destruction of all exploitation and class rule”.  {Read More}   in HTML

* We would be uploading this work in a .doc and PDF format when we have completed the page making.  This would help comrades to get it printed and read off line

One thought on “Béla Kun and Hungarian Soviet Republic (1919)”

  1. During the Great Purge of the late 1930s, Kun was accused of Trotskyism and arrested on 28 June 1937, and later executed.


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