Why Was Stalin Denigrated and Made a Controversial Figure?

Book Release

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Stalin Society of India has published a booklet titled: “Why Was Stalin Denigrated and Made a Controversial Figure?” Written by the late Communist theoretician comrade Moni Guha (MG). This booklet first appeared in two parts as long article in the journal edited by MG, Proletarian Path, Second Series, Volume 1, No. 1, June-July 1981, pp. 12-42, pp. i-xvi, Vol. No. 2 and 3, August-December, 1981, pp. 9-32. In this short but very important work, comrade Guha has analysed in detail the events that unfolded immediately after the death of Stalin. In fact MG raised question on the death and circumstances leading to his death. It has been well established now that Stalin, was very much aware of the deviations that had cropped in the party and Soviet government. His attempts towards implementing the democratic reforms[i] in the Soviet Union and particularly the Communist party was thwarted by the still hidden revisionist clique and the circumstances in which Soviet Union found itself due to the events of second world war and the task of defeating Fascism as well as securing the liberation of those parts that were ravished by the marauding forces of fascist reaction. Continue reading