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On the New Soviet Constitution :: Viacheslav Molotov

January 12, 2013


Speech delivered at the extraordinary eighth Congress of Soviets of the USSR. November 29, 1937 The strength of socialist democracy lies precisely in the fact that, having arisen as a result of the victory of the proletarian dictatorship, it is growing and expanding day by day, particularly with the growth of culture among the masses. […]

Pravda Turns Hundred!

May 7, 2012


Pravda the paper started by Lenin in 1912 from St. Peterburg, played a vital role in the revolutionary struggle of Bolsheviks, during their fight against not only the Czars but also against the Menshiviks, and all sorts of revisionist and anti-Marxist tendencies. After the victory of the Great October Socialist Revolution it played a very […]