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Egypt facing terrorism

August 25, 2013


Dear comrades all over the world:          After patience of the Egyptian people on Police & Armed Forces since their authorization to face terrorism urgently & after feeling of the people the slowing down in facing terrorism by letting armed sets at war zones ( Rabaa el Adaweya & Nahda ) squares with passiveness at […]

A year of democratic farce : Samir Amin

August 13, 2013


Samir Amin, Egyptian philosopher and economist, director of the Third World Forum in Dakar, talks about the last year in Egypt with the Brotherhood in power, interviewed by Giuseppe Acconcia. On 30 June 2012, Mohammed Morsi took over as the Mubarak successor. However, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Muslim Brothers’ victory when this […]

The Electoral Victory of Political Islam in Egypt by Samir Amin

July 8, 2012


Muslim Brotherhood Logo The electoral victory of the Muslim Brotherhood and of the Salafists in Egypt (January 2012) is hardly surprising.  The decline brought about by the current globalization of capitalism has produced an extraordinary increase in the so-called “informal” activities that provide the livelihoods of more than half of the Egyptian population (statistics give […]

Oh Revolutionaries of the Squares. They will not Rob us Twice!

January 6, 2012


Oh Revolutionaries of the Squares. They will not Rob us Twice! Let us form popular committees in all the revolutionary squares   When the revolutionaries chanted for the continuation of the revolution they believed. They believed when they insisted that it had not been completed. Now it is returning, crashing into the squares. The price […]

Let us Return to the Squares to Complete our Revolution

November 29, 2011


The revolution has returned to all of Egypt’s squares and streets yet again to complete its course. The masses are once again pouring into the squares to announce that the only legitimacy is that of the revolution and the people in the heart of the squares. They affirm the masses’ distrust and refusal of the […]