मार्क्सवाद क्या है? एमिल बर्न्स

एमिल बर्न्स द्वारा रचित चर्चित पुस्तिका What Is Marxism? का हिंदी अनुवाद, हम अपलोड कर रहे हैं।

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Fundamentals of Leninism, लेनिनवाद के मूल सिद्धांत

स्तालिन द्वारा लिखित लेनिनवाद के मूल सिद्धांत लेनिनवाद को समझने और उसकी प्रासंगिकता को जानने के लिए एक बेहद जरूरी पुस्तक है।

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What Is To Be Done, by Lenin in Hindi

लेनिन की महत्वपूर्ण रचनाओं में से एक, क्या करें , संशोधनवादियों से लड़ने के लिए आज भी उतनी ही प्रासंगिक है जितनी उस वक़्त थी जब इसे लिखा गया था।


संयुक्त मोर्चा : ज्यॉर्जी दिमित्रोव

यह पुस्तक ज्यॉर्जी दिमित्रोव द्वारा संयुक्त मोर्चा की कार्यनीति पर उनके तीन लेखों का संग्रह है, इन तीन लेखों मे कामरेड दिमित्रोव ने कार्यनीति पर महत्वपूर्ण विचार रखे जिनकी प्रासंगिकता आज के दौर में और भी ज्यादा हो गयी है

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Man and Plan in Soviet Economy by ANDREW ROTHSTEIN

This book was written when the deeper truths about the Soviet Union, to which the eyes of many millions were opened for a short while during the war against Nazi Germany, were being temporarily obscured again by the passion of controversy about the settlement of Europe after the war.

Experience throughout the thirty years’ existence of the Soviet Union, however, suggests that study of the permanent features of the Soviet economy and polity, as they are, is a better guide to Soviet policy, and therefore to European peace and prosperity, than passion or prejudice. Continue reading “Man and Plan in Soviet Economy by ANDREW ROTHSTEIN”

Book Published , Why was Stalin Denigrated.., by Moni Guha

why stalin MGStalin Society of India has published this booklet written by veteran Communist intellectual late comrade Moni Guha.
In this small but very important work, comrade Guha has analysed in detail the events that unfolded immediately after the death of Stalin. In fact MG raised question on the death and circumstances leading to the death. It has been well established now that Stalin, was very much aware of the deviations that had cropped in the party and Soviet government. Continue reading “Book Published , Why was Stalin Denigrated.., by Moni Guha”

New Dalit Revolution: A Draft for Debate

A K Roy 2

The booklet was written by comrade A K Roy of Marxist Coordination Committee, in this cde. Roy promulgates a new Marxist view of understanding the Dalit Question in India. We have scanned the booklet and posting it for wider reach. The book is out of print, some of the pages of the book were so spoilt that a good quality scan was beyond the capability of our scanner. We will try to type those pages in near future.

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Pickaxe and Rifle: The Story of the Albanian People

by William Ash


cover pickaxe and rifle William Ash


PICKAXE AND RIFLE is more than a historical account of this (Albania) interesting but little known country: it is a political and sociological study of the only socialist state in Europe.

Having liberated themselves from fascist occupation, how did te Albanian people free themselves also from the whole system of exploitation and defend their new socialist state from the hostile countries all around them?

A compelling account of real socialism in action


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History of CPSU 1903-1953

History of CPSUThe Marxist party in Russia was created at the turning point in the history of the international working-class movement, when capitalism entered its highest and last phase, the imperialist phase of development, when it began to be transformed into parasitic, decaying and moribund capitalism, when the proletarian revolution became a question of the immediate practice. In that period Russia was the nodal point of all the contradictions of imperialism. The interests of Russian tsarism and Western imperialism were very closely interwoven. On the eve of the Second Congress of the Party V. I. Lenin wrote: “History has now confronted us with an immediate task which
is the most revolutionary of all the immediate tasks that confront the proletariat of any country. The fulfilment of this task, the destruction of the most powerful bulwark not only of European, but also (it may now be said) of Asiatic reaction, would make the Russian proletariat the vanguard of the international revolutionary proletariat.” Thatdetermined the character, the peculiar features and the international significance of the great people’s that was maturing in Russia.

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