Perhaps the worst revolutionary crisis

While reading an article by Italian Marxist Gramsci, the following quote grabbed attention.

Written exactly a century ago, Gramsci succinctly has captured the essence of the crisis of our movement. It was relevant in 1920-21 as it is in 2021.

The crisis we are passing through today is perhaps the worst revolutionary crisis…This new tactic is being tried out in the ways and forms to be expected of a class of chatterboxes, sceptics and corrupt dealers. The succession of events…with all their journalistic, oratorical, theatrical and vulgar echoes…was like the projection into reality of..Monkey-People.. .Aimless corruption and ruin…The Monkey-People make news, not history…Although these people have damaged the working class and strengthened reaction,…when the dialectic of the class struggle has been internalized and within every individual consciousness the new man, in his every act, has to fight the “bourgeois” lying in ambush…the evil is not decisive: men of good will will still have a boundless field to cultivate again and cause to bear fruit handsomely…If everything lies in ruins, then everything has to be done again.

Author: Other Aspect

A Marxist-Leninist journal, based in India and aimed at analysing the contemporary world events from a Marxist-Leninist perspective.

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