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Editorial of Acero Revolucionario (Revolutionary Steel) Organ of Marxist–Leninist Communist Party of Venezuela On the present crisis in Venezuela

January 25, 2019


In addition to the capitalist crisis, imperialist aggression, errors of social democracy and weaknesses of the revolutionary movement, a more complex process with deeper consequences is underway in Venezuela: the decomposition of the Bourgeois State. This premise leads us to assess the events from a broader, strategic perspective, because it is important to be clear […]

Only the Struggle of the Peoples Will Break the Chains of Capitalist Domination and Exploitation!

May 6, 2014


En Marcha #1647 Organ of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador April 25 to May 1, 2014 May Day Manifesto Only the Struggle of the Peoples Will Break the Chains of Capitalist Domination and Exploitation! Workers! The memory of the heroic deeds of the Chicago martyrs, who 128 years ago gave their lives to win […]

Manifesto for the XX anniversary of ICMLPO

April 30, 2014


A Note: We would like to thank comrade Claudio Buttinelli  from Partito Comunista Italiano Marxista-Leninista, for sharing this extremely valuable document with us.  Other Aspect The world in the XXI century continues to be a separated world! The contradiction between the job and the capital subsists and embitters in all the sectors; in this contradiction there […]

Venezuela: The oligarchy is defeated, PCML Ecuador

October 14, 2012


The announcement of the National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela confirming the victory of Hugo Chavez, with more than 54% of the votes over the candidate of the right and the oligarchy, showed the popular support that the project led by the Bolivarian President enjoyed. This no doubt was an election between two diametrically opposed […]

US Military Base in Concon, Chile

April 15, 2012


Under the mantle of the UN, the Yankee imperialists have established a military training base to train the police forces and police from other countries in the “art” of repressing social protest and struggle for sovereignty that is developing in Chile and Latin America. It is necessary to make this news widely known, TO DEMAND […]

The Decline of American Empire (Part 2)

February 25, 2012


In the years of conscious, self-inflicted decline at home, “losses” continued to mount elsewhere.  In the past decade, for the first time in 500 years, South America has taken successful steps to free itself from western domination, another serious loss. The region has moved towards integration, and has begun to address some of the terrible […]