मन की बात से पेट नहीं भरता

मोदी ने आज  फिर मन की बात  की, और अपने चिर परिचित नाटकीय ढंग से देशवासियों से 21 दिन के लौकडाउन के लिए माफी मांगी।

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Kashmir Question and Marxism Leninism: An Analysis for Debate

Below we are posting an excerpt from booklet
“In the Valley of Death Capture
Kashmir Question and Marxism Leninism: (An analysis for debate)” 

This booklet deals about the Kashmir question and analyses it from a Marxist Leninist perspective.

We would be soon printing this booklet.

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Political Indifferentism : Karl Marx

“The working class must not constitute itself a political party; it must not, under any pretext, engage in political action, for to combat the state is to recognize the state: and this is contrary to eternal principles. Workers must not go on strike; for to struggle to increase one’s wages or to prevent their decrease is like recognizing wages: and this is contrary to the eternal principles of the emancipation of the working class! Continue reading

The Development of Fascism


The events of Grosseto, Viterbo and Treviso are the initial phase of a new and definitive development of fascism. Punitive expeditions by small bands are giving way to actions by veritable army units, armed with machine-guns. In some areas fascist cavalry is making its appearance. In Siena, thousands upon thousands of fascists assembled, on the pretext of a provincial congress, to parade in military order with their own cavalry. Continue reading