May Day 2019 Pamphlet

May 1, 2019


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A Great Marxist-Leninist Revolutionary and Thinker – Foto Çami

April 9, 2019


This article appeared in Albania Today, 6 (85) 1985. It was presented in the  Scientific Conference dedicated to the Immortal Work of Comrade Enver Hoxha PDF Link

संशोधनवाद के खिलाफ संघर्ष मार्क्सवादी लेनिनवादी का प्रमुख कार्य है

January 27, 2019


लेनिन अपने लेख ‘मार्क्सवाद और संशोधनवाद’ में लिखते हैं कि अगर जॉमेट्री के नियम का असर मानव हितों पर होता तो उनके खंडन का प्रयास भी निश्चित तौर पर होता। लेनिन की यह बात संशोधनवाद से संघर्ष में एक सूक्ति से कम नहीं है। लेनिन तब बर्सटीनपंथियों और काउत्स्की के संशोधनवाद से टक्कर ले रहे […]

Editorial of Acero Revolucionario (Revolutionary Steel) Organ of Marxist–Leninist Communist Party of Venezuela On the present crisis in Venezuela

January 25, 2019


In addition to the capitalist crisis, imperialist aggression, errors of social democracy and weaknesses of the revolutionary movement, a more complex process with deeper consequences is underway in Venezuela: the decomposition of the Bourgeois State. This premise leads us to assess the events from a broader, strategic perspective, because it is important to be clear […]


January 20, 2019


SOME URGENT PROBLEMS OF THE LABOUR MOVEMENT IN INDIA. By V. Basak Modern Books Ltd. 53, GRAYS INN RD. London, W. C. Printed in Great Britain by Western Printing Services Ltd., (T.U.) A CONTENTS   INTRODUCTION                   2 THE BRITISH POLICY OF INDIA’S “INDUSTRIALIZATION”         4 INDEPENDENCE OR THE RIGHT TO […]


Democratic Republic of Congo: Upcoming elections bring more imperialist interference

December 14, 2018


This article was first published in Avante, the weekly newspaper of the Portuguese Communist Party, on Nov. 29. Its author was formerly a member of the Secretariat of the PAIGC, the party leading the struggle for the liberation of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde. Translation by WW Managing Editor John Catalinotto. Nov. 19 — The U.S. […]

Man and Plan in Soviet Economy by ANDREW ROTHSTEIN

December 11, 2018


This book was written when the deeper truths about the Soviet Union, to which the eyes of many millions were opened for a short while during the war against Nazi Germany, were being temporarily obscured again by the passion of controversy about the settlement of Europe after the war. Experience throughout the thirty years’ existence […]