Election or Revolution!

The attitude and position that a revolutionary communists should take towards working within the bourgeois parliamentary system and participation in elections, had been discussed since time of Marx and Engels and was well settled by the pronouncement of the Second Congress of the Comintern. Yet, due to both the right and left wing deviations that have come to grip the movement, particularly after the complete capitulation of the CPI/CPI-M to parliamentary cretinism on  one hand and the ‘abstentionism’ being propagated by the CPI -Maoist and some other groups, under the sonorous revolutionary phrase-mongering of ‘active boycott’, terming that participation in elections itself amounts to class betrayal, the question has come to the fore again, at least in context of Indian Communist Movement. The boycottists advocate a somewhat deformed caricature of ‘Chinese Path’ to claim that the pronouncement of Comintern has become anachronistic to the present polity of India. And only an active boycott of this institution is the revolutionary discourse. Continue reading “Election or Revolution!”