Egypt facing terrorism


Dear comrades all over the world:

         After patience of the Egyptian people on Police & Armed Forces since their authorization to face terrorism urgently & after feeling of the people the slowing down in facing terrorism by letting armed sets at war zones ( Rabaa el Adaweya & Nahda ) squares with passiveness at arresting criminal leaders of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) also permitting the new liberal power to mess the national security with calling a foreign power ( which is an enemy for the Egyptians) to interfere at the interior situation without any respect to the people’s well that was clear at 30 / 6 & after that date .

          The security forces moved after long waiting to evacuate terroristic sets with an evident lax & unjustified graduation in facing armed groups at sets that containing criminals wanted to justice after their encouragement for violence & planning for chaos with ordering to destroy the country establishments not only that but also calling in public  for  imperial power help ( bullying abroad ) , crying on the victims that killed by MB militia ( friendly fire ) at their clashes before in a very clear betrayal which get them out from Egyptian national current .

        We saw torture, killing inside their sets which became sure after finding the bodies of tortured victims that was thrown under the stages in addition to using children in a nasty view against all international norms & humanity.

    Their telling lie about peace became obvious after facing security with gun machines &   R B G s also after finding of great amount of weapons & gun machines at the two squares. The security forces surprised us by calling the criminal to go out without any punishment under the slogans of safe going out how come!!  How come the criminals had no punishment for their crimes ?!

      Although all that the MB criminals didn’t bow only after killing, burning, & destroying. The governmental systems were as if they were going for picnic as they were focusing on the two war zones without any doing their role at securing the governmental building, police stations, hospitals, ministries & people’s property even at Cairo or other governorates which gave a chance to Islamist terroristic militia  to burn churches with people inside, killing by identity & commission crimes of ethnic cleansing at some villages at upper Egypt trying to ignite sectarian strife also they burned the mosque that they were staying in at rabaa square before leaving for propitiation of general opinion & international community. They regain their regressive culture at hating the Egyptian civilized history by burning & museums.

      We are blaming the government for all this losses & victims from innocent people wanted their country not to fall inside a terrorism grasp. All those losses could be avoided if the government has a complete security plan to secure the hall country before beginning at evacuation specially we all knew about the threating of Islamists with spreading the chaos .

     What we said before became obvious as the betrayal is clear on the situation of those power who called themselves national power as they leave responsibilities at a moment that the people need their support under slogan of they don’t want to interfere in violence ( with forgetting the blood of Iraqi people before which didn’t lead to the same situations!!) & as usual some power who are calling themselves leftist but they are actually the right of the rightist by defending the terrorists indirectly by refusing facing terrorism & evacuating of armed sets, under slogans of getting the military role down as they considered what happened a military coup to cover the truth of their supporting the right regressive fascist religious power. They stood in the same columns with capitalists, regressive & rightist power that are all against the poor people demands.

      We are demanding the Egyptian people to not to responding to the fake calls of reconciliation with terrorists & they should form a popular committees to face terrorism without waiting for slow security forces.

     We are insisting that our struggle is continuous against this government that is away from poor people demands as it continue to execute the conditions of the international bank & I.M.F. also they are still in the way of depending on private investments at achieving development without any thoughts for beginning at national projects to regain the state role at development to face the crisis of poverty, hunger, unemployment & medical problems.

     We ensure that the solution is in the hands of people only by struggling for real socialist project providing social justice & ending of exploitations.

    Finally we say that we are against dependency & supporting the independency of the Egyptian people well.

     Revolutionist Communist Party – Egypt

      Central committee