Why we oppose the slogan Jai Bheem Lal Salam!

Comrade Alok Mukherjee, has put up a post on facebook which deals with Ambedkar and his evaluation. Though comrade Mukherjee has in the beginning of his statement, clarified that facebook post is not a platform for evaluation of personalities. We agree with comrade Mukherjee’s stand, yet such posts and statements published on social media do provide pointers to one’s political viewpoint and stand. For person like comrade Mukherjee, who has been a known face of the Indian Communist movement, since his days as one of the central leaders of CPI(ML) PCC and CPI(ML) Janshakti. Now a Central leader of CPI(ML) Class Struggle, (Kanu Sanyal group) his words carry weight and also merits serious reading.

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