May Day Delhi (India) 2012

In Delhi several left and democratic trade unions assembled in the Ramlila ground to commemorate May day,  like other years the unions marched from the ground to the Town hall.

The organisation present were:AICCTU(affiliated to CPI ML Liberation), CITU (affiliated to CPI M), AITUC (affiliated to CPI), UTUC(affiliated to RSP), AIUTUC (affiliated to SUCI(C)), Mazdoor Ekta Lehar (affiliated to CGPI), HMS ( social democrats), TUCC(affiliated to All India Forward Bloc), Workers’ Unity Trade Union.

The rally consisted of workers and their union from Delhi and adjoining areas, and consisted of around 3000 members.

WUTU along with Nirman Mazdoor Shakti Sanghtan actively took part in the rally and raised several revolutionary and non sectarian slogans like workers unite, implement 8 hrs work and minimum wage act, red salute to workers unity etc.

WUTU and NMSS had jointly come out with a pamphlet that called for forming militant revolutionary workers’ organisation. The pamphlet was distributed and was well received.

Compared to the May Day rallies of the past the number of participants were less. This shows the weak position of the TU movement in particular and Left in general in this part of the country.

Author: Other Aspect

A Marxist-Leninist journal, based in India and aimed at analysing the contemporary world events from a Marxist-Leninist perspective.

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