Editorial of Acero Revolucionario (Revolutionary Steel) Organ of Marxist–Leninist Communist Party of Venezuela On the present crisis in Venezuela


In addition to the capitalist crisis, imperialist aggression, errors of social democracy and weaknesses of the revolutionary movement, a more complex process with deeper consequences is underway in Venezuela: the decomposition of the Bourgeois State.

This premise leads us to assess the events from a broader, strategic perspective, because it is important to be clear that we are not experiencing only a conjunctural crisis. There is a structural process that affects the foundations of the system, which generates consequences in the economy, politics and daily life, evidencing the inability of capitalism, in any of its forms, to solve the problems of majorities, sovereignty and self-determination. .

That the process of decomposition of the State determined by the contradictions that converge and sharpen, mainly the fundamental ones of the time:

1. Between imperialist blocs for a new distribution of the world, where Venezuela is a target.

2. Of the imperialist powers with the dependent countries to maintain the subjugation, with responses from the peoples that we resist and fight against the subjugation.

3. From an exploitative minority against the exploited majorities, expressing the class struggle, the power of the monopolies, the resistance of the working class and the peoples.

The emergence of parallel powers, the impossibility of the contenders to submit to each other and the limitations of the government to control the economy, has prolonged the contradiction for years which makes it difficult to subject one to the other and the limitations of the government to control the economy has made it difficult for it to subject those who violate the norms, expressing the degree of decomposition of the State.

This process of struggle of the opposites is advancing in-depth to the point of dragging the entire institutionality towards indolence, discredit, corruption and the inability to control those who, from inside and outside, attempt against the people, leading to extremes such as to allow a whipper to appoint himself President of the Republic and walk the streets as an example of the inability of the “legal” institutions to subdue the illegal, “legitimate” to crush the action of it’s enemies.

Venezuelan society is at a historic crossroads; either it solves its problems with revolutionary methods, with the popular leadership and the active participation of the exploited majorities, or they will be solved with reactionary, bourgeois methods, with the imposition of a fascist government of imperialist bill. Violent actions will be the order of the day, expressing the decomposition that also affects the military institution, as part of society, in a rise in the forms of struggle, where the honest and patriotic military will play their role, together with the people, in the struggle for self-determination.

The working class, the peasants and the revolutionary communes are the option of a successful exit, for that it is necessary a coordinated and a popular, anti-imperialist democratic program must emerge as an alternative of the left before the crisis.

The Bourgeois State is showing itself as an unusable instrument to solve the problems of the majorities. The whole society demands a new State, with popular strength and agility to take action against an imperialist aggression and an economic blockade. A popular, democratic and emergency government is required.

To organize society, productive forces, popular concerns and revolutionary energy requires a State instrument that breaks with the old practices and their structures, that does not fear the large owners and monopolies, that it requires the participation and the power of the working class, the peasants, comuneros and in general of the people.

State of a new type, taking as an example of the Paris Commune or the State of the Soviets. Popular Democracy is the option before the parallelism of public powers that demonstrate the obsolescence of the Bourgeois State and the urgency of its substitution in order to face the challenges of an aggrieved and crisis society with possibilities of success.

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Author: Other Aspect

A Marxist-Leninist journal, based in India and aimed at analysing the contemporary world events from a Marxist-Leninist perspective.

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