Comrades, Honda worker’s struggle has entered the 16th day. What is the situation of the struggle, the future strategy, what is the state of the struggling workers, what does the other workers think about this resistance and how much support it is garnering? What are the analysis of the situation? who are the ones taking decision, what measures are being taken to spread this movement to different parts of the country so that it receives support from entire nook and corner of the country. These are some of the questions being asked today, unfortunately there has been no initiative from the leadership to clarify these queries about the situation, leading to several other doubts being raised.

Even then in all situation the “Sarwahara” newspaper appeals to all that apart from Delhi the voices of solidarity should be raised in various states and areas. All those who are associated with “Sarwahara” are committed that solidarity committees should be formed and from every corner of the country the belligerent workers should get support and cooperation from all the forces that seek justice.

At the same time we demand that to chalk out the future strategy of the Honda workers, a meeting of all the organisations working amidst the working class and other organisations who can come into the support should be called immediately, so that the movement should be taken to its logical conclusion, and the working class should not witness another set-back. A concrete and major initiative can be taken jointly. It is obvious that this is not possible without waging a struggle against sectarianism.

We appeal particularly to those comrades associated with our trade union IFTU (Sarwahara) that wherever possible they should not only raise their voice in support of the Honda workers but also issue posters and pamphlets, while also forming economic solidarity committees so that the struggle does not stops due to want of money. Our proletarian class fraternity which binds us internationally is our real identity that reminds us of being a working class organisation who unitedly aims to achieve the historical mission together.

So, let us initiate the task, of creating solidarity centres sending message to the belligerent workers in Delhi that wherever we are or is in whatever trade/profession, we all are workers and are united. Any struggle of ours is the joint struggle of the workers and toiling class.


Inquilab Jindabad (Long Live the Revolution)

Workers of all countries Unite

Author: Other Aspect

A Marxist-Leninist journal, based in India and aimed at analysing the contemporary world events from a Marxist-Leninist perspective.


  1. Back from Jantar Mantar, met some of the fasting workers on 17th day. They are angry and are fighting for their life, the lost jobs. Their morale is high and are ready to fight for long time to come!
    Need to indoctrinate them and others with revolutionary ideology for final victory! #Socialism


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