Denigrating in name of sympathy: An Observation on view from Muslim intelligentsia

On website named Rising Kashmir, in section Islam, society and women an article titled– Exploitation of women in the name of emancipation; by Abdul Hamid Mir was published. The article can be accessed at

In name of women safety and sympathy, the piece is nothing but medieval thinking in new grab. The entire discussion revolves around why women should be kept within the four walls, while performing domestic chores and child bearing.

Let’s look into some of the points raised in the article more closely.
Hamid says: “A woman is safe at home and is susceptible to vulgarity once she steps outside unprotected. Despite her empowerment she continues to be exploited.”

That means, in view of the author, all males are pervert, promotes vulgarity and engages in adultery? Questions can also be raised, on what Mr. Abdul Mir, meant, when he mentions “unprotected”. So women needs bodyguards not partners, and what about male who physically cannot be termed as Rambos or have power of tiger or bull to counter such bullies? So they should not marry or will have to forego their right to marry in Islamic society? Is Mr. Mir stating that there is nothing called RULE OF LAW, in society that he is espousing for, and there the onus would be on individual to give protection to their family?

Further, it says: “Formal employment of women is adding to their miseries instead of solving them. Though it might render them financially independent but that is at the cost of her dignity. Because women employment/earning can be deemed to be forbidden in the current setup where one’s employed wife/sister/daughter has to share their prime time with their male counterparts (strangers) all around. Women are meant for looking after domestic affairs ranging from child care to home management.”
One is unable to understand, the constant sexual fetishism that arises in the great minds of philosophers and intellectuals from the Right, particularly those from theocratic state of mind. Why for them women is a commodity, or even if they are part of human society weak and amenable to not resist any sexual advance? In West where the feminist movement has gained grounds we have not witnessed the re-emergence of Lesvos (Lesbos) culture, rather it is the west that has been the harbinger of modern day development, (in bourgeois sense).

What has been the contribution of Islamic Theocratic states, let’s say Taliban who had even ministry to prevent vices?

The article is repleted with such feudal and barbaric mindset, that befits the fascist right. It is sincerely wished, that one is not made part of such society whether in name of Allah, Bhagwan or Jesus website named Rising Kashmir,
Crime against women also stems from late (sometimes never!) marriages of youth (both boys and girls). Setting up of unnecessary, unethical, irreligious and unaffordable criteria from both sides is a major hurdle in establishing a healthy matrimonial relationship these days.

Author: Other Aspect

A Marxist-Leninist journal, based in India and aimed at analysing the contemporary world events from a Marxist-Leninist perspective.

5 thoughts on “Denigrating in name of sympathy: An Observation on view from Muslim intelligentsia”

  1. “The article is repleated with such feudal and barbaric mindset, that befits the fascist right. It is sincerely wished, that one is not made part of such society whether in name of Allah, Bhagwan or Jesus website named Rising Kashmir!”
    Apt comment! Capitalism has reached cul-de-sac and so is capitalist culture! It is reproducing religiosity, philistinism, national chauvinism, side by side unemployment, war, terrorism, at a larger scale!
    It has given right wing lumpen, paid or unpaid, to feel ‘pride’ in their degenerated spiritualism, love for ‘private property’, which they do not possess!
    Nonetheless, this is yet, a middle class phenomenon and has not percolated down among the working class! A revolutionary movement will surely blow them off, as we, even, saw among the poor peasants during Telangana movement!

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  2. I’d like to offer my article on women and education in Kashmir, published around the same time, as a response. In my understanding, both the problem and the challenge concerning women in Kashmir can be summed up in one word, Education. I’ve cited data and argued that given that women are doing really well in the universities, the real challenge is to ensure that the girls complete school, that marriageable age is delayed and that investments are made in public education to improve women’s access to local degree colleges. That is where the empowerment of women in the valley lies, not in pushing them inside homes. Conflict already works to push women back in and the civil society and academia need to build a movement to counter precisely that.


    1. Thanks Simin, for your response. Yes we agree that Education is the key, yet total emancipation of women can happen only when capitalist society is replaced with Socialism. What do you think?


      1. Totally agree, and when we say education, the ‘Imperial’ has to be taken away from the content and the institutions that deliver this education or else these very institutions end up perpetuating subjugation and oppression. For strengthening the many legitimate working class movements going on in Kashmir, however, say, for instance the transport workers’ struggles or the teachers’ movement, I strongly believe whatever educational access one can manage at this juncture is indispensable. I perfectly well understand your concern and agree that the risk of a petty bourgeoisie led nationality movement overtaking genuine working-class aspirations in the context is huge and needs to be directly countered by emphasizing the need to build a socialist alternative.


  3. I fully agree with your stand and support it as well. But still the question remains how? With the rise of right wing forces in entire India, simply we cannot close our eyes. The role of eduction was and will be vital for countering the forrces of oppression and exploitation. But this cannot happen from afar or in isolation. Intellectuals and those struggling on streets have to come in unison, and IMHO what is required is a co-ordination forum to unite the mental activists with the field activists.

    I read your article and I can say i 99% agree with the content


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