Enver Hoxha’s Discussion with member of Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

We Must Firmly Oppose the Reactionary Tactics of the Capitalist and Revisionist Bourgeoisie With Our Revolutionary Tactics

From the Talk with a member of the Political Bureau of the CC of the CP of India (ML) November 14, 1970

 Thank you very much for undertaking such a long journey   and coming to meet us and talk with us here in Albania.  We are   a small   country     in   Europe   and members   of a Party which   is also small; you can appreciate what a great need we have for      consultations     with      our comrades    from    other   Marxist-Leninist parties.

We have a great and sincere love for the   great   and   ancient    Indian    people whose   rich   history   extends   over many centuries.    Your  people   have played  an important   role  in the history  of mankind and  we think   that  both  now  and  in the future  they  will  play an even greater  role in the  revolution.

Evil has come to your people from our continent,    Europe,   which    is still   the cradle   of imperialism   and colonialism. Not only   have the   French,    British and other       imperialists      emerged       from Europe,     but     their     successors,    who established        themselves        in      North America,    where    the    USA,   the    most ferocious     imperialism     in   the    world, exists today,  also have their  origin   here.

Now the  times  have changed   greatly to   the   detriment   of   imperialism   and colonialism  and in favour  of the peoples and  the  revolution.   The enemies of the peoples   are   in  a  great  crisis,  while   the revolution  is steadily  mounting.  We shall continue   to   fight    harder    and   harder against   the    imperialists,    because   the imperialist      enemies,    the    bourgeoisie and  reaction   never  lay down  their  arms peacefully   or in a  parliamentary   way, as the   modern    revisionists   preach.    Lenin, as the immortal theoretician    and thinker of the world   proletariat,     teaches  that we must  fight   with   all our  strength   against imperialism        and       the      reactionary bourgeoisie.     Between    us and them there is not and  there   can never  be peace.

In     Europe,      the     revolution      and socialism have triumphed  and continue to  triumph   only   in  little   Albania.   The revolution    had   triumphed   elsewhere, too,   such   as   in  the   Soviet  Union    and some  countries    of  Eastern Europe,  but later counter-revolution   was carried  out there  and capitalism triumphed  again as in  all  the  other   countries  of  the  world where  the  bourgeoisie  is ruling.  Are  the Marxist-Leninists  going  to permit  all the peoples     of    the     world,      the    world proletariat  and  the  heroic   peasantry in all  the   countries    that   are  languishing under   savage capitalist   exploitation,   to be   deceived?   No,   they    can   neither tolerate nor  permit  this.  In this direction we can take as an example  the sufferings of India where  hundreds of thousands of people    die   every   year   as a   result   of savage     capitalist      exploitation.      Let Brezhnev,  Kosygin  and company prattle as  much    as  they    like   that   allegedly socialism    will    triumph   in   India    in   a peaceful     way,   but   the   situation     in your country       cannot       be    altered     without struggle.       The     Indian       proletariat      and peasantry    cannot    wait   for  Indira   Gandhi and   the   Maharajas    and   their    sons   and daughters    to  voluntarily     hand   over   the land    and    the    keys    to    their    treasure stores.       Let     Brezhnev,        Kosygin      and company     or   their    successors      shout    as much     as   they    like     that    allegedly      the Soviet     Union,     as   a   great    force,   will change    the  future   of the  world!   No,  only the    peoples,    the    revolution,      launched arms   in  hand   on  the   road   which   Marx Engels,      Lenin   and   Stalin     teach     us,  will change    the  future   of the  world.     Nothing can    be    changed       with    words     as   the revisionists      pretend.    With   words   alone, the   Nixons   and   all the   capitalists     can  go on   living   as  long   as they   like.

Now,   after   all  this  diversion  which   the Soviet    revisionist     traitors    have   created for    the    revolution,       the    situation      has become  somewhat    more  difficult.  For example    in  India,   apart  from   the  support which       they       give      the      reactionary government     of   Indira    Gandhi     and   the Indian     bourgeoisie        with   their   betrayal, the    revisionists      have   disorientated       the former  communist   party  and  split   it  into three   parts  of which   two  are  not  Marxist Leninist,    although     they   call   themselves such,    while    only   the    third    part,    your party,   takes   a  Marxist-Leninist  stand.

Faced  with  the  revisionist    betrayal,    we Marxist-Leninists                 and           the revolutionaries       must     stand     firmly      in revolutionary         Marxist-Leninist          positions,    because    only    on   this   road    will we   be  able   to  overcome    the   attacks   of imperialism,        Soviet      revisionism        and social-democracy        equipped      with     all kinds    of   lies,   “theories”,    trickery   and other     such    things.    We   shall   withstand their         attacks,        because          we      are revolutionaries,      because   we  are  guided by    the     ideology    of    the     proletariat, Marxism-Leninism,        the   most   advanced ideology     of  mankind,   which   represents the    desire     of   the    most    revolutionary masses of the  peoples:  the working  class and  the  peasantry.

We    must    go    into     battle     in    an organized    way  because  this  has  great importance  for  us. Benefiting  from  the experience     of  all   the   Marxist-Leninist parties   and   the   world   proletariat,  our Party  has  faced   up  to  the  enemies and has  triumphed     over   them   in  struggle only  by being  organized   and  by closing its ranks firmly  in a steel unity of thought and deed.  While we, today,  area  granite wall  built   on  the   foundations     of  our revolutionary    ideology,   the  revisionists are  like  a wall of  mud  bricks.  They  are like  a  basket   of  crabs   tearing    at  one another.

The Indian proletariat and the  Indian peasantry,   hundreds  of millions  strong, hungering   for food and thirsting  for land through  the centuries, have fought consistently    against   the  British,  against the  reactionary   Gandhi  ideology  of “passive   resistance”,   against   the Maharajas   and   their   government,  and today  are going  ahead  like a steam roller which   is  growing   bigger   and  bigger  to flatten  the  enemies and  to  smooth  the road to the future  over which  the Indian people   will pass.

The    history    of   our    people,     your people    and   all  peoples  of  the   world teaches    us  that   our   forefathers   have fought  against oppressors,  but their uprisings  have always been crushed, because  each   people   lacked  the   main thing,    an   unyielding      leading    staff,   a strong   and  capable  party,  such  as the Marxist-Leninist     party,   the   only   party that  can  lead  the   people    resolutely   to victory.   In  the   view  of  our   Party,  the Marxist-Leninists    of the world  must bear this   lesson  of history   in mind  in  order  to be  able   to  exert   all  their   strength   to create    and   consolidate  their   Marxist Leninist    parties    in   the    heat    of   the struggle  and  according to the  real conditions    of each  country.

For      the      creation      of     genuine communist     parties,    it  is  important  to take  account  of  the  concrete,  internal and external  conditions of each  country, recognizing    that   the   internal   factor   is decisive,    while     the    external    factor, however   important,   remains    only   an auxiliary    factor.    The   revolution   will certainly      be      launched       by     the revolutionary   masses  in each  country;   it will triumph  if it is led  by the  Marxist Leninist     party,     otherwise     even     if independence      is    won,     the     social liberation   of the  working  people  cannot be  achieved    and   not  the   people,  but anti-popular    bourgeois   governments, will govern   the  country.

If the Albanian  people  themselves   had not fought  under  the  leadership of their Communist Party, even  if they had won a certain     independence     without    this Party,  still  they  would   have   remained under    the   yoke   of   a  monarch.   The Albanian   people   fought,  won  and  took power  in their  own  hands,  because they had  their   own  Communist    Party  at the head.    The    Soviet    army    helped     us, although   not   a  single   Soviet   soldier entered   Albania;  this aid was an external factor  of great  importance, but if we had not (ought  ourselves,  we would  not have had  socialism  in Albania  today, because there  were  external  forces  prowling around, intending to enslave our people again,  such  as the  British and  American imperialists,   the  renegade  Tito,  etc.,  all of whom  we have fought  hard and never bent  the  knee  to.

With  precisely   this  decisive   factor  in mind,  the  present   Soviet  revisionism  is making      ever     effort     to    fight     the Communist     Party   of   India    (Marxist Leninist)   today,   that   is,   to   fight   you, because   it   is  your    Party   which    will organize     the     proletariat     and     the peasantry    and   lead   the   whole   Indian people   in revolution,  basing  itself on the principles  of Marxism-Leninism.  In India you   are   employing    different ways of struggle in many directions and you will certainly   triumph,   because you are not alone.   All those   who   are  fighting   the forces of     imperialism, the     Soviet revisionists   and  their   minions   are  with you.

As far as we know,  your  Party has laid its   foundations    and     at    present     is operating    in     many    places    through actions   against  the  big   landowners   and the  wealthy.    I     repeat,  we  are  speaking from    what    we   know    from    outside, nevertheless    we  think   that  the  course your   Party  has  chosen   is correct.   The Indian   peasantry,  which  is very poor,  has no possibility  to see and judge  the secret machinations   of the  Delhi  government which   is  very  remote   from  the  people, but everyday   it sees  clearly  and  feels on its own  back  the  heavy  yoke  of the  big landowner  who  takes  the  food  ‘from  it and  leaves  it to die  of starvation.   When the  land   is  seized  from  the  landowner and.    given    to    the     peasant,     he    is convinced  that  this  is the  road that  must be followed and understands what  great strength  the   people   have  to  resist  the violence,  not only of the  landowner, but also of the  reactionary   government  and its  army.

We     communists,      following      the Leninist        principles,       are     against individual acts of terror,   because we are aware  that  killing   one  person   does  not harm  the    bourgeoisie      which     easily replaces     him     with     another,     just   as suitable   or even  more  suitable   than  the former.     We    communists      work    and struggle   with a decided  programme,  not to  kill   individuals,    but  to  get  rid of the bourgeoisie    as  a class,  in  order to seize political,    economic    and  military   power from  its  hands.

You  know  this  yourselves,   but  from our  experience   of  life we  can  tell  you that  the  bourgeoisie    tries  to strike  fear and  panic  among  the  masses  by means of force and attacks,  with the aim of oppressing  them more and more and paralyzing  any movement   among  them. When we began the war with actions in the   cities,   the   Albanian    people    were greatly   invigorated.  It is  not their custom to  be cowardly,  indeed   valour  is part of their  tradition,   because they  have always lived   rifle   in   hand    and    have   struck merciless     blows     at    their     enemies. However  the  occupiers imposed a great terror   in our  country  by means  of their armed   forces.   At the  beginning    of the occupation,   in order   to  implant   panic, the   reactionaries  spread   rumours  such as, Italy is a great  power  with  45 million people,   therefore  it is impossible   for us to  rise against  it, etc.  But as soon  as we began  the  first  actions   in the  middle  of the    cities,    the    news   spread    like    an electric   flash  among   the  people.   Then we  distributed  leaflets.  We formed   the first   guerilla    units   which   carried    out actions  every  night,  continually,  all over the    country,     such     as   burning   the enemy’s   stores,   cutting   telephone   and power  lines, killing dangerous, branded spies and traitors,  and so on, stepping up the  intensity  of the  fight organized and led by the  Party.  In this way, the people gradually began to become conscious of their   strength    and   the   justice    of their cause  and  increased   their  participation in  the   fight.   Every home   of  the   poor became  a  nest   of  fighters.    Thus,  the enemy’s   slogan   that  we  were  allegedly unable  to fight  a big state  like fascist Italy was smashed   to smithereens.

However,   we always kept in mind the problem that one must go into battle  in an   organized  way.   The   Party tried   to explain   this thoroughly    to the people. Hence   we  always  had  in  mind  that  we must  be  well  organized   and  that,  in the first  place,   the   members  of  the   Party must   be   organized    and   conscious    of what  they  were   to  do.   To this  end,  to make  conscious  all those  comrades who did  not   understand    the   line,  we  used Marxist conviction,  first  of all.  However, faced  with  the  war,  the  attacks  and  the danger    from   the   enemy,   we  did   not waste  too  much  time  on these people. When they did not march with the Party, we left them   to follow the war outside the   ranks of the   Party.   The army, the Front, the youth   and the women   were firmly united   around   the   Party, which was the spearhead.    The problem was to attack   the   enemy    on    all   fronts   in an organized     way     and     with      planned measures.   I    am  not  raising  the  question of  fighting   on   all  fronts    as  the   main issue,  but first  of all  the problem that it is essential   that  the  whole  people   oppose the  enemy  with  full consciousness.

From  the  experience    of the  Marxist  Leninist  parties  and  our  Party,  I   can tell you that  the  enemies  have  always  tried to  attack   the   party  and,   first   of  all,  to attack   the   leadership    and  unity  of the party, while during  the war, to attack  the most    courageous    people.     Then  the enemy’s arrows  have always been  aimed at  the   organizations    of  the   masses   to disrupt  their   mobilization    by launching harmful   propaganda  slogans    based   on old  philosophical   concepts.,  in  order  to confuse   the  masses  in all possible  ways, to arouse   panic  among.  the  people   and to cause  the  failure   of the  party’s  work. Here  is an example.   In the  past the  majority  of Albanians    were  of the  Moslem faith,    nevertheless   the   overwhelming majority  of them  took  part actively in the war. Then,  in  order  to smash their  unity in the  fight  under  the  leadership   of our Communist    Party  the   fascists  and  the local  traitors   committed  provocations, trying  to exploit  the  religious   feelings  of the  masses.  You know  that  the  Moslem religion    calls   the   raising  of  pigs  a sin. Exploiting      this,      the      reactionaries smuggled    pigs   into   the    mosques    by night  and  next  day said to the  peasants, “Look     what     the    communists      have done”.       Thus,     the      enemies     used everything   to  achieve their  aims.

Today   the   modern  revisionists,   too, have     learned     such     base,     counter• revolutionary    tactics  and   pursue   them towards    the   genuine   Marxist-Leninist parties.    You   are    experiencing   these things  to your  cost,  because  in  India you have  two  parties   opposing   you,  that  of Dange  and  that  of the  new revisionists,  who      camouflage       themselves       with slogans      very    dear    to    the    genuine  communists    and   the   masses,   such   as Long  live   Lenin,   Marx,   Engels!”,   etc. They  use  such  slogans  all the  time  and we should   not be surprised   if they  bring out  others,   too.   We know  their  tactics, because  we  have   revisionists   here,   in

Europe.    But   all  their    manoeuvres    and traps  will  be  short-lived,    because   they are  all  the  offspring   of  capitalism   and imperialism   in  decay,   which   is   dying, while   no sophistry  or deceit  can stand  up to  our  ideology,    which   represents    the new.

We   know   that   the   struggle    of  the proletariat       led      by    the     party     has exceptionally   great  importance    as Marx and  Lenin   teach   us,  but  I    think   this  is especially   so in India.  I do  not know  this concretely,   but  I   assume   that  the  Indian proletariat     must    be   very    oppressed must  suffer   greatly   and  therefore  you must have a great  field   for revolutionary action.

 There  are great  possibilities  of work to organize    the   struggle,   to  wage   a  co• ordinated   struggle    in  both   town   and countryside.      We    know     today     that imperialism    and  world  capitalism   have concentrated      their    forces    wherever there   are  the  greatest   assets.   However, that  is  precisely   where   there   is  greater exploitation     and,  consequently,    greater resistance.    No  doubt,    the   reactionary Gandhi       government      dispatches     the police  to the  villages,   but it is impossible for    it   to   disperse    all  the    forces    of repression    it possesses  over the whole  of India.   Thus  the  possibility  exists for your party to organize  the  peasantry,  too, and to   strike   a  blow    at  reaction    in  your country     from    the    direction   of   the countryside.   Of course,  when  you  have organized    the  forces   in the  cities,  too, then   the   blow   can  be  struck  from  the two  sides,    and  in  these   conditions    the bourgeoisie    and  the  feudal  lords will be caught  between  two  fires.

But  we   must   never   forget   for  one moment that from the nature  of his work and    his   life  the    peasant    is  a  petty  bourgeois       who,      when      he     gains something,   is satisfied with that and goes no  further.   He is content   once  he gets a bit  of land.   If you glance  at the history of the  peasant  uprisings   in Europe,  you will see   all  the   ebbs   and   flows  of  these uprisings,  and  they  have failed precisely for   the   reason    I     stated,    whereas    the proletariat    is  quite   different.    It carries the    revolution     through     to   the    end, because,   as Marx  says, it has nothing   to lose but  its chains.  The proletariat  knows that  the  factories   and  the  state  power must  be seized,  and  to achieve   this, the old  state  power  of the  bourgeoisie    must be   overthrown.     Our    Party   kept   this principle    in mind and faithfully carried  it out in theory  and in practice.  There  were not    many    workers     in   our    country, because  industry  scarcely  existed,  there were    only   a  few   small   factories    and workshops,   therefore  the  working  class was small,  whereas   the  peasantry   made up    the    overwhelming      bulk    of   the population.    Nevertheless, right from the start,    we   made    the    essence    of   our doctrine   clear    to   our    patriotic    and militant  peasantry,   educated  them  with our  proletarian   ideology,  therefore they were   with  the   Party,   joined   us  in the partisan   units   and  we  made  them  think like proletarians.    True,  they  fought   for the  land,   but they  understood  that they must  also fight for state  power  as well as for  the   land,   because    in  this  way  the bourgeoisie   and the occupiers  would  be defeated  and  they  could  be sure  of the land   they   had   won.   Of  course,   your Party,  too,   bears   in  mine! this  Marxist teaching,  because   our  two  parties  have the  one  ideology.

The  question  of  how  to  act  with the trade  unions  is another   important  and difficult  problem   for you and for all  the new Marxist-Leninist  parties of Europe which  have  been  set up in countries like Italy,  France,  Austria,  Germany,   etc.  In those   countries,    pretty   well  the  whole working    class    is      included    in     the bourgeois,       revisionist      and    reformist trade   unions.   The  capitalists   have  long and  great   experience    of  working  with these  unions,    they  have  entangled  the worker  in  a  host   of  different  laws:  on economic  treatment,    social   insurance, pay rates,  and so on, so that the working class   of  our  continent    does  not   move outside    the   rules   which    these   trade unions  have  established   and  is  afraid  of individual   isolation,   because,   if a worker sympathizes  with   and joins  the  Marxist Leninist   party,   the   capitalist    employer sacks him and the existing  unions    led by the  bourgeois  and  revisionist    parties   do not  defend   him.

Now  the  problem   of the trade  unions is    a    problem     which     every    Marxist Leninist   party   must   study  thoroughly, must think about  how  to get around   this situation,    how   to   break   through    this barrier     and    make   the   working     class conscious so that  it  will  not be deceived by   the   bourgeois     trade    unions,    the imperialists    and  the  revisionists.    This  is a very  important    problem.    The  question that   arises now  is  whether   to work  from within    the  existing   unions,   or to  create our  own   new  unions   which   will   be  in militant      revolutionary     positions     and must  not fall into  the positions   of social-democracy      either      in    the     political struggle    or  in   the   economic  struggle, Here  in  Europe,  in the West, it seems as if political  and  economic   struggle  is being waged,   but  in fact,  what  goes on  in the ranks   of  the  trade  unions   is  bargaining between        the      bosses      of     these organizations,       the   worker     aristocracy and the  bourgeoisie.     Even  the  so-called demonstrations    which  are held  are only to  support   their   negotiations.

Of  course,  for  us  the  question   of the struggle   which    we  have  to  wage  is  not put  forward  in  this  way.  We  are   for  a political   and  economic    struggle   by the working  class,  of  course,  going  beyond the  bounds  of rules and laws imposed  by capital.     If    we   are   able   to   lead   this struggle  from  outside   this  will  be  very good,   if  we   are   able   to  lead   it from within,  without falling into the  positions of the  capitalists  and social-traitors,  this, too,  is   not  wrong,   but  if we can  lead  it from outside  and,  at the same time, have our forces  inside,  then  we will defeat  the reformists    and    revisionists,    etc.,   and strengthen  our  positions in the  ranks  of the  working   class.

The victory always depends on the proletariat, therefore   it is essential  that we  make  it conscious of its historic  role so that  it understands  ideologically   and politically   the   role  of  its strength  as a class, so that  it understands theoretically that  it  is  facing  a savage  enemy, capitalism,   and   all  its  organs   of repression,  so that   it understands  that only   in unity,  united  around   a party with a clear programme of struggle, firmly guided    by  the   ideology  of  Marxism Leninism,  is  it able to face up to cunning enemies of every  ilk.

Therefore, I    think this problem must be  studied.  Sometimes   we  have  talked about  such  problems with the comrades of   Marxist-Leninist    parties    who   have come  to our  country, but  we ourselves are  unable   to  say how  this work  should be carried  out, because everyone   knows the  situation  in his own  country better than  anyone   else.  Our  duty  is simply to exchange opinions.

In   order   to  prolong  their   existence, the  capitalists  and  revisionists employ  all kinds of forms  and  tactics  in conformity with  the  situation   and  the  idea-political level of the  working  class.  In Germany, for  instance, a new tactic  is being  used. What  tactic?  Appeals  are  being  made to the  workers   to  take  part  concretely    in the  “management”  of capital.  Wherever the  capitalists   want  to  build  a big  iron and  steel  plant,  efforts  are  made  to get the   workers  to   participate   in  buying shares,   but  the  overwhelming  majority of the  shares  belongs to  the  capitalists, such  as the  big capitalist,  Thyssen,  who may   employ     tens    of   thousands   of workers   in his  enterprise.  Then  to avoid workers’   strikes  and  demonstrations   he puts  95  percent   of the  shares in  his own pocket   and  distributes  only   5  percent among     the    workers.     Formally,     the workers    have  the   right   to   send   their representatives      to   the   administrative council    of  this   enterprise  in    numbers proportionate      to     the     shares      they possess.        But      how       are      these representatives    appointed  and  who  are they in fact?  They are  the representatives of    the    worker     aristocracy     and    the operations are manipulated    on  the basis of   the    95    percent,    and   in  this   way decisions    are    taken    in   an   allegedly “democratic”       way,   some    occasional favour    is     granted    the   workers,    fiery debates  are held  and  sometimes  even  a “passive   strike”     in  order   to   give   the impression     that    something    is     being done,  whereas  in reality,  everything   has been   decided     at   the   outset    by   the owner   of the enterprise,   he decides  how much   he  will   give  the  workers.   That  is how  they  are operating   in Germany.   We know   this   tactic   but   there   could    be others,   too.

After   the   events  with  the  students   in May   1968    in  France,   De  Gaulle    too wanted   to adopt   a similar    tactic.  French monopoly   capital  was somewhat  shaken by  all  those   powerful   demonstrations which   were  held   in  France at that  time. De Gaulle   tried  to  carry  through   such a reform but the owners  of capital  did  not accept  it.  Then  he threatened   them  that. he.   would     resign     and  that   is  why   he organized      the      referendum,         having forewarned   the  people   that  if they   did not   vote   for   him   he  would    retire.   In these     referendum       manoeuvres,     the present-day        president       of      France, Pompidou,      played    a   role    against   De Gaulle,    not   openly    of   course,   a   role which  brought  about  that  De Gaulle  did not   receive    the   necessary number    of votes to come  out on the top once again and  to  implement   the  kind   of  reform   I mentioned.     In  these  circumstances   De Gaulle  resigned.

In   your   country,    for   example,    they made great use of Mahatma  Gandhi  who developed       the      idea       of     “passive resistance”.    In the  conditions  of  India, your   Marxist-Leninist    Party   has a great role  and we think  that  it takes account of the social  experience  and  history of the workers’    and   peasants’    movement  of India,    of   the   various    states   of   your country,  makes  use of the experience   of wars  against  the  British  and  against  the capitalists       in     general,      because,     in particular,  there are and must be specific features  that  must be kept  in mind,  since the  situation  in   one  state  has not  been the same  as in another,  and the situation in  one  state  today   is    not  the  same  in another.    Likewise  all the  problems of the world    outlook   must   be  kept   in  mind, taking   account   of  religion,    the  level  of economic  and  cultural    development     of each  state,  etc. The  correct, consistent, revolutionary     stand  of  the  party  results  . from  the  study  of these  special  features and    conditions     and   its   strategy    and tactics  are defined   on this  basis.   Unless   I am  mistaken,    it   is   important    that  the strategy   must  be the  same,   whereas  in regard    to   tactics,     these   can   vary   in different  states at the same time,  bearing in  mind  the  conditions    of  each  state or province.    Your    Party    could    use  one tactic   in   Calcutta,    another     in  Bombay, and   another    again  in  Bihar,   etc.

To  say  that  what   the  PLA  did  in   the conditions   of   Albania     must   be  done everywhere   is   not   right,   this   does  not work.   In  solving    the   problems    which arise for your  Party  in your  country, your judgement    alone   will   be  more  correct, whereas    our   judgement     may   not   be correct, because you  have to be in  India, to  be  thoroughly  acquainted     with   the situation,    have  to   know   the   state   of affairs   or the problem   well,  and then you can   speak   with  competence.

Nevertheless      to exchange experience with   one  another     is very  valuable.    You may   come   to   Albania     whenever    you wish  and find  it possible  to do so and we shall  welcome   you  as  friends  and comrades     in  the  struggle.

Let us drink this   toast to the friendship between   our two parties  and  peoples  in the    struggle      against    the     American imperialists     and   the  Soviet    revisionists, to the  health   of your  leadership,    to your health!

I     wish    you   a   good   journey    and  au revoir!      My    best    regards     to   all     the comrades!

*        *        *

Author: Other Aspect

A Marxist-Leninist journal, based in India and aimed at analysing the contemporary world events from a Marxist-Leninist perspective.

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