Democratic Way – European Region (Morocco) : Press Release

Democratic Way Morocco
Democratic Way Morocco

Democratic Way Morocco

 The international context is marred by the crisis of the world capitalist system. Nevertheless, the February 20 Movement (le mouvement du 20 février) continues to grow. It is in this background, the Democratic Way (European Region) held its meeting on October 29th, 2011 in Saint Denis (France), in the presence of comrades Abdellah El Harif and Moumen Chabri, Secretary General and Head of Foreign Affairs, respectively.

The meeting took place with frank, fraternal and enriching discussions. Democratic Way (European Region) issued the following statement to the national and international public.

The meeting:

  • Denounced the dictatorship of the financial markets response to the crisis of global capitalism. Condemned the measures taken by the neo-liberal regimes, which further aggravate the social situation of very poor people.
  • Note that this context of unprecedented crisis in the capitalist system is fertile ground for growth of the far right and fascism, which can drag humanity into dangerous situations for peace in the world.
  • Express solidarity with the people fighting in the world against the dictatorship of stock exchanges and financial speculators. These struggles manifest essentially the refusal to pay an exhausted crisis of capitalist system that has loaded onto the workers and other strata of the people, the bill for the crisis and impose generally unbearable austerity measures.|
  • Calls the Moroccan political organisations and associations abroad, and all their supporters to actively engage in the struggle, with democratic and progressive forces. The resistance in their home countries and combating liberal and ultra-liberal policies are the highest priority today.
  • Wholeheartedly support the Palestinian people’s resistance for their independence and their legitimate rights and in their struggle for international recognition as an independent state in the occupied territories, the right of refugees to return and release of all detainees in Zionist prisons.
  • Congratulates people who have managed to overthrow dictatorships in their countries. The Democratic Way (Europe Region) believes that the fall of dictators offers promising prospects for the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa to achieve the liberation from the despotic and dictatorial regimes that are still ruling.
  • Denounces the armed intervention and policy of imperialism and its lackeys in the region and its moves to install new reactionary regimes and to prevent people to establish democratic regimes. 

At the national level:

–    Democratic Way (Europe Region) salutes the heroic struggle of the Moroccan people for freedom, democracy, dignity and social justice and against despotism.

 It offers its condolences to the families of martyrs, in times when the last martyr of the people, Kamal Hassani, was killed brutally by repressive forces parallel (Baltajias groups). Democratic Way (European Region) strongly condemns the repressive regime of Moroccan and demands the immediate cessation of the repression and killings of our people.

 The Democratic Way (Europe Region) called:

 – To further expand and develop the strength and struggle of our people against the despotic power and Majzen existing in our country. Our slogan today should be the final and complete break with despotism and absolutism

– To support and engage even more in the Moroccan February 20 Movement, to achieve the legitimate claims on the basis of the independent platform February 17, 2011.

 – To strengthen the dynamic launched by the Moroccan Movement February 20.

The commitment must be:

 1 – To ensure the independence and, above all, the unity of this movement.

2 – Firm against the attacks of the regime and its propaganda machinery.

3 – vigilant against attempts to divide, to draw down its demands and impose a status quo or drag an obscurantist and   gloomy future.

 To mobilize, all free men and women, in Europe to boycott the sham election of November 25, 2011. We particularly call on the political forces who take this position to actively assume their political responsibility.

 Finally, we welcome all initiatives and policy decisions of our National Secretariat starting with the demand for a constituent assembly. We declare our willingness to commit  firmly for the success of our National Congress, scheduled for 13, 14 and July 15, 2012.

Democratic Way (European Region)

October 29, 2011

Annahj Addimocrati


This is a translation from French and Spanish Communication taken from the site of Communist Party of Spain (ML) the link to original article is here. For the English speakers we have attempted to translate the communique using the Google Translation software. We are not responsible for any omission and commission, if any reader/comrade want to help in improving the text, then please contact us at marxistfront[@]

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