Critical Evaluation of Mao’s Work

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Marxist Front < on 26 September 2011 wrote:

A critical Evaluation of Mao-tse-tung, was published in the journal Gegen Die Strömung: Organ of West German Marxist Leninist Party in 1981.

Blog Other aspect has uploaded the scanned document at:

It seems to be a good evaluation of Mao

Comrade Mark Scott <> on 27 September 2011 wrote:


It seems to be a fair statement but I find no evaluation of Mao as that should be complete with both Mao’s so-called revisionist lines followed by a Marxist-Leninist correction of those revisionist lines which it does neither.

It does, however, provide a fair and accurate assessment that because of questionable Maoist positions taken by self-fashioned Maoists after Mao that Maoism should not be treated with hostility as some Marxist-Leninists are fond of doing.

Some Marxist-Leninists have also twisted Lenin’s and Stalin’s writings into revisionist contortions as we have clearly seen even on this list all in the name of Lenin and Stalin but we still defend these great leaders and never trivialize or belittle them or the importance of their contributions to proletarian revolution.


Mark Scott

Comrade frankenstein580, 14 October 2011 wrote:

I agree that the German article is a fair though incomplete assessment  of Mao.  Mao is not the greatest Marxist Leninist of our era; Stalin remains that immortal paragon in that sense and so far, if you will.  And like the dictatorship of the proletariat, the defense of Stalin expresses a necessary condition for the victory of communism.  But I also have great respect for Enver Hoxha and the PLA, and believe that they were quite enough timely in their criticism of khrushchevite revisionism and then Maoist deviation and revisionism, despite their errors.   I’ll always remember the PLA as the Albanian people’s leader against fascism and for socialist revolution and comrade Enver Hoxha as an outstanding advocate for the dictatorship of the proletariat.

We see that the future can not belong to idle hands.  We have witnessed that no coalition government nor new democracy, social democracy or the like can guarantee the negation of the exploitation of man by man.  Only the dictatorship and democratic ways of the revolutionary people, those who abhor exploitation and value progress and science and inventions, can lift all of humanity out of misery.  The working class is indeed the emancipators,  that whom everyone awaits, the determining factor, the true achievers.  We are the contradiction; the opposite in the unity; that which the few expected would NOT perform; the majority, the multitude, the people. We shall break asunder the old connections with capital and establish new relations with our products and with nature.  A relations in which humanity lives happily with each other and ends class sufferings.  Let the machines and robots and computers be our tools!  And our weapons our security!

The proletariat has no where to go but forward.


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