He who does not defend Stalin, is an opportunist and a coward

A brilliant analysis of Stalin and his teaching, an eye opener for all those who denigrate him.

A must read for all Communist Revolutionaries.

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He who does not defend Stalin, is an opportunist and a coward


Reply to K N Ramchandran of CPI ML (Central Organ Red Star)


Some of the comrades must have got the small note from us regarding our uploading of issue of (now defunct) journal “Under the Banner of Marxism Leninism” titled He who does not defend Stalin, is an opportunist and a coward. The PDF is on our blog:

The link was sent to several groups and it included the FB group run by CPI (ML) of K N Ramchandran also.

Our comrades have had discussion with cde KNR in Delhi and we are well aware of his views on Stalin though he says he upholds him as a classic, but of late CPI ML (Red Flag) has increasingly been taking anti Stalin position some times repeating the grossly fabricated charges on cde. Stalin that has come from Trotskite camp, like Stalin took nationalist(Russian Chauvinist)  position and he deliberately disbanded Comintern to have an “alliance” with the allied powers.

We will be countering some of these allegations made by KNR and CPI(ML) led by him in future. though as we know cde KNR he would term it as academic exercise, which he has been doing whenever something is not confirming to his line.

But we know our position and however cde. KNR crticises us we know that we are not sole debating group. But a group with small but solid work among the working class!!!!


Criticism of cde KNR:

Kn Ramachandran: If somebody just defend Stalin and lead his comfortable middle class life will he become a revolutionary by this standard. We have published an analysis of the Challenges faced by the ICM in The ML our theoretical jornal and is in website cpiml.in. If anybody has time they can read it and wants to reject it or criticize it they are welcome to send it so that we want to start a debate on the questions put forward.As writen in the introduction we shall fully publish them. Instead of that putting such a thing in our FB and engaging in pot shots only exposes the petti bourgeois meanness. Try to become proletarian in approach also. By using a tu label will not make any one communist.

Our Reply to his criticism:

We are amazed by your vitriolic statement on the article published in a journal defending Stalin. At the same time we do not attack others on personal ground, which we consider to be un MList approach whether someone is from middle class background or what one is doing does not concern us.

We have read your comment published in Marxist Leninist on comrade Stalin, and would certainly refute it, or rather try to do so to best of our ability, without going into personal tirade.

You charge us with indulging in “pot shot” which oxford dictionary defines as “A criticism made without careful thought and aimed at a handy target for attack”. we do not think bu uploading this volume of the now defunct journal “Under Banner of Marxism Leninism” we have criticized either you or your party. But still if you think so then please mention it in the preamble of this group. You have always asked for criticism and divergent views but it seems that anything remotely appreciating comrade Stalin is not to your liking.

You further castigate us for “Try to become proletarian in approach also.”

Which again is not in true ML style of polemic, but suggests that any one or any idea that does not conform to your line/thinking you dismiss it as either academic or not ” proletarian in approach”.

Similarly your comment: “By using a tu label will not make any one communist”.

Certainly by using TU (we assume it stands for Trade Union) will not make anyone Communist as similarly by telling the world that somone upholds Marxism Leninism in new context does not make one anti revisionist Marxist Leninist and vanguard of ICM.

Comment from Cde. MANABHANJAN

Defending Stalin is one of the most important task in the history of International Communist Movement. There are some comrades who thinks that Stalin can be seen in critical manner in the contemporary situation and make a U-turn which is close to neo-Trotskyites positions is more harmful to the Communist Movement. Comrade KNR devoted much of his time in criticising Stalin and Lin Piao in Red Star & The Marxist-Leninist without any concrete evidence.

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